Tiny Monster 3500 Lumen Flashlight

By: on July 29, 2014
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They call it a flashlight, but turn on the handheld Tiny Monster, or TM26, from NiteCore and you might find the 3500 lumens it emits look more like a punch in the face from the sun. They say it's the world's smallest flashlight able to output that level of LED power, and judging by the photos, video, and this blind squirrel in my back yard that I'm pretty sure wasn't blind a couple days ago, they speak honestly.

Camping trips, Bug Out Bags, zombie hunting offensives, really dark places such as movie theaters--they could all use a little Tiny Monster POWER!!! And since the TM26 is just 5.5" long with a 2.7" head diameter, outputting that power won't even weigh you down, consume a ton of space, or give the people trying to watch Tammy any indication of which bastard is strobing around a flashlight.

NiteCore's Tiny Monster uses 4 x CREE XM-L LEDs to achieve its 3500 lumen rating. Additional flashlight perks include:

  • Completely waterproof to 2 meters
  • Integrated camera-style mounting point for fixed use on a tripod
  • Extreme reflector performance for throwing distance up to 415 meters
  • Integrated multi-function OLED display
  • Thermal protection circuit to prevent overheating
  • Compatible with both 18650 Li-ion and CR123 batteries
  • Run time of up to 1000 hours using 4 x 18650 Li-ion or 8 x CR123 batteries
  • Capable of using only 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123 batteries in emergency situations
  • 8 rapidly switchable brightness levels and modes

The TM26 flashlight comes with a wall charger, holster, lanyard, and spare O-ring.

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