T3 Tactical Triage & Auto Rescue Tool

By: on March 27, 2013
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The T3 Tactical Triage & Auto Rescue Tool came forth into the world from the cranial loins of NY City Paramedic Avi Goldstein. Or maybe he just picked it to be part of his online store StatGear's survival inventory. Either way, it is abundantly clear that the T3 has pretty good genes. Compact, sturdy, easily tucked into a glove box, and probably able to bench at least 250, it packs 4 tactical and medical aid implements into a 5", 6.4-ounce folding tool suitable for both rescue personnel and private citizens who relish being prepared and buying nifty stuff.

T3s unfold to produce:

  • A spring-loaded steel tip window punch.
  • A 440C stainless steel hook blade for seatbelt cutting.
  • A 5 lumen LED light with replaceable batteries. Use both for illuminating dark areas, and for pupillary assessment. Speaking of which, know what kind of pupillary assessment is not cool? Eye dilation. Holy crap does that suck. My friend Constantine is an optometrist and one time he gave me an exam and dilated my eyes, I think just to be mean, as we both knew I have impeccable, 20/20 vision, and it was one of the most unnerving experiences of my life. I was half-blind and felt as helpless as an infant or, like, 75% of girls under the age of 25 trying to engage in an intelligent conversation on any topic.
  • A 3-1/4", 1/2 serrated 440C stainless steel blade.
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SALT Self-Defense Gun

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Lorenzo Maggiore already figured out how to A-Salt bugs in an effort keep our extermination of insects simple, clean, and green. Now we have a means of SALTing humans, this time in an effort to keep our defense against...

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Mobilize Rescue System Smart First Aid Kits

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Mobilize Rescue System Smart First Aid Kits wisely address a common conundrum of "being prepared": those of us who are down to accumulate and stow away gear, provisions, and medical supplies for emergencies, but who maybe...

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Shonin Streamcam Wearable Personal Security Camera

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Who wants their very own cloud-connected bodycam? The Shonin Streamcam is a forthcoming wearable personal security camera that records goings-on in hi-res video and, via WiFi or cellular SIM, saves it directly to the...

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ZORE X Smart Gun Lock

$95 - $169 from ZORE »

A couple years ago we saw Armatix's attempt to smarten up gun safety with a system that pairs your firearm with a digital watch, allowing the former to shoot only when it is within range of the latter. ZORE has a different...

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In Case Of Cabinets

$200 from In Case Of »

In case of a zombie, vampire, werewolf, or demon emergency take this tiny sledgehammer, break the glass, and prepare to fight for your life. Or run like a girl while tossing Holy Water over your shoulder. In Case Of cabinets...

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SOS Parachute - High-Rise Building Escape System

Panamanian inventor Morris Shahbazi once bragged to disbelieving ears that his SOS Parachute, an emergency evacuation system for people in high-rise office buildings, hotels, and residences, could open in 100 feet, or...

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The Espire Gas Mask

Carlos Schreib created the Espire respirator for professional varnishers and chemical engineers who don't want to work with a heavy filter over their mouth or walk around the office looking like an evil steampunk doktor....

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Go Guarded Self Defense Ring

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I bought my girlfriend, She-Ra: Princess of Power, a purple Brutus the Bulldog keychain to serve as her attacker ass-kicking assistant, but I'll admit when it arrived, it turned out to be a lot bigger and clunkier that...

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TigerLady Self-Defense Claw

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Remember that old Secret deodorant commercial? Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman? I'd put TigerLady in that same category. Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman...to slash, gouge, and rip apart any...

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Armatix Smart System for Firearms

Looks like James Bond and Data from The Goonies are finally making good on that collaboration they've been talking about. What we have here is a smartwatch-controlled pistol. A gun that will fire only if it is within...

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Tec Torch Thermal Breaching Tool

I know. If you're not military, law enforcement, or a first responder you can't have a TEC Torch handheld breaching saber tool, but, dude, you can still want it. TEC Torch uses thermal magic, specifically a concoction...

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Fire Extinguisher Ball

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In a way, AFO makes a fireball you can sling at your enemies to fight them off. But here your enemies won't be Goombas or Sagat, they'll be the flaming tongues of a stove fire or tipped-over candle, and your fireball...