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Posted: February 20, 2013
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It's not that I don't like trees, it's just that sometimes they really piss me off and I feel compelled to take a few swings at them with my powerful axe. I think this serves as an appropriate warning and encourages them to give me the attention I deserve. Similar to when people get all huffy with their Facebook friends and make public posts in their timeline about how they're so sick of Facebook or they just can't deal with this drama anymore and then, despite all of the pleas to hang in there they receive in the comments section, the anger and hurt boils over and they--gasp!--delete their account. They give Facebook the proverbial axe. Except that Facebook knows humans are quick-tempered and irrational, so it forces these people to wait 30 days before official deletion takes effect and, along the way, sends constant communications inquiring as to whether the troubled soul is sure s/he really wants to delete the sacred, multi-media journal of his/her life. Once they calm down, most decide that no, no they do not. Because Facebook isn't just a part of life, it's the tree of life itself. Unlike real trees which, even when given the axe in unreflective haste, just fall over and die.

Fiskars' Super Splitting Axes don't really solve any of these problems, but they do make felling trees and splitting their logs significantly speedier and less taxing. At 36", the pictured X27 model is the company's longest axe. Other models range from 17" to 28". All are virtually indestructible and earn their "Super" superlative via perfected designs for weight distribution, blade geometry, and ultra-sharp edges. The combination allows axe blades to disperse wood more effectively, upping the percentage of one-strike splits with each swing.

X-Series' weight distribution approach concentrates the majority of the tool's heft in its axe head; FiberComp handles, while still stronger than steel, remain lightweight. This provides an optimal power-to-weight ratio that increases swing speed, in turn multiplying power--similar to an aluminum baseball bat. Blade technology employs a bevel convex blade geometry to further increase power and encourage one-strike splits, while Fiskars' proprietary grinding technique produces a sharper edge, better contact, lower friction, and cleaner cuts. The steel blades also stay sharp longer than those on traditional axes.

Fiskars axes are made in Finland.

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