Striker II Utility Knife

Posted: September 16, 2014
Striker II Utility Knife

Civilware makes the Striker II utility knife from a file, which they say is a prime source of high carbon tool steel. Since I have no knowledge to the contrary, I guess I'll buy that. I'll also buy that the annealing process each Striker II undergoes removes its file's characteristic brittleness, but that's more because I just saw a photo of one impaling a propane tank. And Civilware's third claim, that the knives are hand-ground to a curvaceous shape of immense beauty, should be buyable by anyone. Well, anyone with eyesight and taste as impeccable as mine.

Strikers pride themselves on sharp blades that hold their edge. They serve as solid carries for guides and outfitters, hunters, backpackers, and fishermen. All Civilware knives are made in Southern California. Striker IIs have a 3-3/4" blued high carbon steel blad and a 4" Micarta composite handle. They come with an ambidextrous leather sheath.

The Striker II utility knife is a top Dude Gift for a Man pick.

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