Silky Katanaboy Folding Saw

By: on May 16, 2014
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Silky says its man-powered chainsaw, the Katanaboy, can easily compete with mechanized versions, but I wonder if that's only provided that a Sumurai is sawing with it. Like in the featured video. I mean, yeah, the dude making a mere 13 seconds of work out of that tree limb is wearing black slacks and a baseball hat, but that's probably just because he's in disguise. And the dude in the second video. It takes him less than 4 minutes to gnaw through an entire felled trunk of medium girth. He's probably a Samurai too. Undercover in...wait, WTF is he wearing? A bike helmet, a spandex shirt, and track pants? Uh...maybe official Samurai designation isn't needed for skilled and successful use of the Katanaboy after all.

The Katanaboy is a two-handed folding saw with a 19+" blade and 46+" overall length. According to Silky, the Japanese import is the largest folding saw currently on the market. In addition to its beefiness and power, Katanaboy highlights include:

  • A nonslip, rubberized grip.
  • A taper-ground blade with impulse-hardened, non-set tooth design for extended working reach, faster cutting, and ability to tackle large limbs and trunks.
  • 4 teeth per inch of blade.
  • 2-pound weight.
  • A security screw to protect against accidental opening/closing.
  • A nylon carrying bag with Velcro fastening and pocket for replacement blades.

Recommended Katanaboy folding saw applications include pruning and trimming, construction, and hacking S the F out of your way.

The Silky Katanaboy folding saw is a top Dude Gift for the Garden pick.

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