Rotating LED Headlamp

Posted: August 21, 2015
Rotating LED Headlamp
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This headlamp would be better if its LED light rotated 360-degrees and was brainwave-controlled. But I guess 90-degree vertical movement and manual manipulation are OK too, especially if you need a headlamp for more than spotlighting people and creeping them out with your big shiny white eye.

The Lighting Ever headlamp is filled with 18 white and 2 red LEDs, powered by 3 x AAA batteries. It has a choice of 4 brightness settings, including 2 shining whites, 10 shining whites, 18 shining whites, or 2 flashing reds. LED life span is 30,000+ hours. The head strap is adjustable, as is the lamp itself, which pitches downward up to 90 degrees.

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