RoboReel Motorized Power Cord

Posted: November 01, 2014
RoboReel Motorized Power Cord
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The RoboReel Power Cord System stores 50' of 12-gauge extension cord in a compact, portable ball. Its 3 outlets can accommodate multiple power tools at once, and a 360-degree rotational axis provides access over a 100' diameter area. RoboReel also covers the worst part of of interacting with all cords and hoses with its 1-touch cord retraction button. A 180V DC motor makes the rewind process even simpler and safer than extension cord systems with spring-loaded reels that whip around like a snake touched by the hand of God during retraction.

RoboReel's Power Cord sphere has dual thermostats and a 15-amp circuit breaker, plus emergency safety shutoff. Its high-impact polycarbonate housing is also wall-mountable (bracket sold separately). And for those who want to keep their RoboReel sphere static in a garage or workshop, check out the company's ceiling-mounted power cord system.

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