R.A.T.S. Rapid Application Tourniquet

Posted: October 23, 2014
R.A.T.S. Rapid Application Tourniquet
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If I'm traipsing through the middle of nowhere and slip on a lichen-spewing rock that sends me plummeting over a 3-foot dropoff such that I suddenly find myself in need of a Rapid Application Tourniquet System I can guarantee you the first thing I'm going to say won't be Rats! But since R.A.T.S. is the acronym for what is supposedly the fastest and easiest tourniquet to apply to an injured extremity, I guess it might be the second thing I say.

R.A.T.S. consists of a 1/2" flat bungee cord and metal locking mechanism. When not in use it rolls up tidily for storage in first aid or survival kits. While the tourniquet's makers do not intend anyone but experienced professionals and EMS workers to use R.A.T.S. I think that anyone idiotic enough to go anywhere more than 5 miles away from the nearest hospital is probably also a good candidate for figuring out how to put on a tourniquet without proper training.

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