Portable Tow Truck

Posted: December 19, 2014
Portable Tow Truck
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Maybe you like to ski, or build snowmen, or throw balls of ice at punk little kids who give your mama's pristinely white front yard a lawn job. Me, I'm not into any of those things. I think winter sucks. And the suckiest thing about it is trying to drive to the Dairy Queen, because the blizzard outside my door reminds me I would like a Blizzard inside my belly, and getting stuck in the snow on the way. No traction, no chains, not even a bag of cat litter to shove under my tires for some grip. I might need it only once or twice a year, but on those blustery, icy, Cappuccino Heath Bar Crunch days, Portable Tow Truck emergency traction pads would be well worth their cost.

The Portable Tow Truck is a set of 2 traction aids that provide an alternative to snow chains and tires, and require 0% of their installation effort. Stored easily in a trunk or truck bed, the Polypropylene pads wedge in front of each drive tire and extend as a short runway that facilitates acceleration and clawing your vehicle out of its trap. The Portable Tow Truck comes in handy when de-icing rock salt doesn't work, as well as when there isn't enough snowfall to merit schlepping out the chains.

Portable Tow Truck pads are nearly indestructible and can be used repeatedly. They also work in mud and sand, and are compatible with FWD, RWD and 4WD vehicles.

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