Origin Stoneblade Japanese Kiridashi Pocket Knife

Posted: September 09, 2019
Origin Stoneblade Japanese Kiridashi Pocket Knife

Manitoba-based Origin Handcrafted brings some character - and some Canada - to the traditional Japanese Kiridashi with their Stoneblade Pocket Knife. The textured Kiridashi is both minimalist and standout in design.

No folding or flipping here, and no handle that doubles the length of your carry; the Stoneblade's grip is an extension of its 2" 1095 carbon steel blade, for a total length of 5". The knife stores in an equally simple Origin handcrafted vegetable-stained leather sheath, and has a leather cord lanyard to facilitate adding it to your EDC.

Aesthetically, the Stoneblade has a rustic, yet clean look, with its primary point of interest obviously coming from its textured, stonelike surface. After cutting the rough shape of the blade by hand, Origin shapes and facets the Stoneblade on the grinder to achieve the dashing visuals.

Origin Handcrafted, headed by artisan Marc Liss, is also responsible for this excellent Japanese Kiridashi Pocket Knife, made from recycled files. In addition, the company produces several other styles of knife - both utility and kitchen - as well as handmade rings and other accessories. You can learn more about and purchase a Stoneblade Japanese Kiridashi Pocket Knife here.

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