MORV Explore Trailer

By: on May 01, 2014
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I don't have a truck or an SUV, but I bet if I bought Manley ORV's MORV Explore trailer I could hitch it up to my friend Cornelius rickshaw-style. What, on bike or on foot? Hmmm...your choice, C. Then he could chauffeur me around town, and everyone would give us a nod for our ingenuity and the Explore's laudable powder-coated metal structure, LED lighting, and tall trailer rack system. Of course once we picked up a few ladies, Cornelius would park us in the empty lot behind the Ace hardware store, and we'd unfurl the trailer's built-in rooftop tent to...see just how rugged and sturdy the best of the best is.

The top-tier of Manley ORV's trailers, the MORV Explore bears a lightweight design (775 pounds) and hitches to all tow vehicles. Features include:

  • Rubber-mounted, fully-recessed LED lighting. All wiring is hidden with sealed connections and a molded rubber 4-pin connector.
  • A rooftop tent. ARB Pilbara, Tepui Kukenam, or CVT Mt. Bachelor standard selections.
  • Patent-pending tailgate design sporting a smooth exterior similar to a truck. Slam shut, one-handed close operation.
  • 2" receiver tongue to accommodate multiple coupler choices, such as a 2" ball, pintle/lunnete, and articulating silent coupler.
  • Patent-pending locking aluminum lid.
  • Tall, patent-pending trailer rack system enabling use of the top of the lid for additional storage.
  • Hidden tie-down system fabricated under the tub rail and tongue to provide utility without sacrificing the trailer's clean lines.
  • Hitch-mounted recovery hook "so you can rescue your buddies without unhooking the trailer."
  • 33" BF Goodrich KM2 M/T tires.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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