Japanese Zombie Disposal Saw

By: on July 21, 2012

So the official name of this serrated slasher is Japanese Pruning Saw, but I think that's just because online marketplaces whose customer bases are mostly over-compensated, uninformed hipsters and yuppies want to subtly prepare and arm them for the zombie apocalypse. You know, without making them wet their pants. Thus, instead of calling a duck and duck, and an implement intended for the hacking up and disposal of zombie corpses a Zombie Disposal Saw, the saw appears under the guise of a garden tool--a "more elegant alternative to a chainsaw"--primed for trimming cypress hedges, cutting away unruly vines, and sculpting equestrian-themed topiaries.

Regardless of nomenclature, both those who know what it's for and those who need to kid themselves alike will appreciate the Japanese saw's smooth curves and easy feel--a design reminiscent of an antique pistol. Aesthetic admiration segues into respect, as wielders absorb the whittled chrome blade's eighty taper-ground teeth, ready to gnash through backyard encroachers (walking dead) in the form of everything from bark (putrefied flesh) to bamboo (diseased, yet surprisingly difficult to penetrate bone). Like most Japanese saws, this incarnation cuts on the pull stroke to ensure maximal control. Particularly when pruning branches above the shoulder (dismembering zombie test subject hanging high in the laboratory).

When not in use the saw resides in a beechwood sheath with a snap button clasp, and includes a belt clip for waistline attachment and easy transitions between saw, machete, clippers, and shovel.

Saws hail from Miki, a city in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan with a 200-year tradition of blacksmithing and kinfesmithing. The company responsible for this blade has been forging dangerously sharp objects since 1919. Saw blades are machine made 11.8" long with 8 teeth per 1.2", but pieced together manually into offensive instruments 16.25" in length (18" with scabbard). The saws have protective coatings to prevent rust, and handle wood is finished with a moisture seal.

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Double Barrel Pistol

$4,400 - $4,950 from Arsenal Firearms »

The AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol is a first on two counts. It's the first ever double barrel semiautomatic pistol manufactured for sale (not available yet, but on deck for Fall 2012). And, after getting a load of the...

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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

$282.39 from Amazon »

Are you prepared to fight for the survival and integrity of family, friends, and the human race in apocalyptic combat with the ambulatory dead? In other words, do you want to buy a 7-piece set of gut-ripping knives and...

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Aliens M41A Pulse Rifle - Fully Functional

$1,999 from Bonanza »

You look at the replica M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens, its fully adjustable metal stock and removable magazine, and wonder, Is it real? It looks real. It's the right shape. It's...huge...definitely the right size. It moves...

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Triple Barrel Shotgun

$1,629 from Chiappa Firearms »

I don't know how to shoot a gun, or really even how to hold a gun without soiling my pants, but I bet if someone put one gun in my hands and another to my head and demanded I use the former to fire at a watermelon dangling...

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Attack on Titan Super Hard Blade iPhone Case

$38.30 from Strapya World »

It's always interesting when and which Japanese manga and anime cross over into mainstream Western culture. Here it's even more interesting that a piece of Japanese manga/anime has crossed over into real life. And even...

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Z.E.R.O. - Zombie Apocalypse Kit

$23,999 from Optics Planet »

OK, zombiologists, conspiracy theorists, slaves to sci-fi, and keepers of the Boy Scout motto, it's time to put your $24,000 where your mouth is. OpticsPlanet has assembled a stunning and formidable sprawl of zombie apocalypse...

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S-76 Ampratite Plasma Pistol


Does depressing the S-76 Ampratite Plasma Pistol's spring steel trigger really release unstable and highly reactive Zephane gas for co-mingling with exposed Ampratite crystals, the consequences of which generate an intense...

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Life Armor Disaster Shelter

$5k from Seikoh »

The recent, tragic path of Hurricane Sandy reminds us that disaster planning shouldn't just be relegated to theoretical discussions and jokes about Zombie Apocalypses. Seikoh's Life Armor Disaster Shelter can accommodate...

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World's Smallest Pistol

$72 from Singulier »

Austrian company Gerhard Göbharter GmbH has been manufacturing the Berloque, World's (Probably) Smallest Pistol, in its infinite practicality and cuteness since 1905. Approximately 124 steps and 15 individual parts come...

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Firearm-Mounted Axe Heads

$110 - $120 from Melee Mods »

Since The Walking Dead started again, I've been thinking I need a new zombie-decimating weapon for use in my daydreams about stuffing them with bullets and hacking off their heads. Melee Mods' Tact-Axe and Gatchet should...

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Shomer-Tec Titanium Escape Ring

$62.60 from Amazon »

Shomer-Tec's Titanium Escape Ring won't just serve as a symbol of your love for and commitment to your wife, it will also get you out of the handcuffs that chick from the hotel bar leaves you in after she Roofies you...

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Leaf Plug N' Plant Cannabis Grow System

$1,500 from Leaf »

Marijuana is legal where I live (i.e., my bedroom) so why shouldn't I don my farmer's hat and experiment with growing my own? Especially now that sweet cannabis culinary gadgets like the Magical Butter and smart growing...