Humvee 40 Million Candlepower Search Light

By: on November 27, 2013
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Good news, Clark Griswolds of the world. If you don't have 7 hours to spend staple gunning 700,000 strands of lights to your house this year, you can still xenon-bomb Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her husband out of their midnight slumber with one easy flick of a switch on the Humvee 40 million candlepower search light. This rescue/work/wakey-wakey tool uses an HID 35-watt xenon spotlight to tear through darkness, and transform a sea of black into high noon on a summer's day.

Humvee touts its 40M candlepower monster as the brightest search/spotlight available, and notes it will burn at full power for up to 40 minutes. The 12V, 7Ah rechargeable battery that juices the light can even double as a vehicle jump starter. Four additional LED assist lights flank the 40 million candlepower behemoth, along with a colored blinking light to signal an emergency.