Havalon Sporting Scalpels

Posted: July 10, 2013
Havalon Sporting Scalpels
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A little morbidity to go with your coffee and intent gaze of surfing the Web for non-work-related diversions today? The idea for Havalon sporting scalpels arose from watching taxidermists at work. Havalon's parent company, Havel, began making folding knives with blades as sharp as Rain Man at a pub quiz for stuffing procedures, and then thought they might also come in handy for sportsmen wanting to skin and fillet game and fish in the field.

Of course, Dude reader Dr. Drew suggested them to us as "a must-have for your Zompoc go-bag." For when the zombies descend, many will die and many will turn, but some will just get slashed or impaled while fighting...or running away...and need impromptu surgery in a wartorn and abandoned Dairy Queen. (Mmm, hope the Mr. Misty machine still works.) Egghead types who kill zombies or encounter their remains might also like to dig in with a Havalon knife to conduct some makeshift scientific research.

Dr. Drew notes Havalon's series, which consists of Piranta hunting & skinning, and Baracuta fillet & skinning knives, is "sharp as shit--you'll probably cut yourself the first time you go to change a blade." Oh Drew, ye of great faith, I'll probably cut myself every time I go to change a blade. Blades, by the way, are disposable and come in several models specific to either the Piranta or Baractua. As a point of reference, the Piranta's standard blade is a #60, one of the most common used in autopsy scalpels.

Thanks again to Dr. Drew for the Havalon Dude Product Tip.

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