Gorilla Torch with Wrappable Legs

Posted: December 27, 2014
Gorilla Torch with Wrappable Legs
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Huh. A gorilla that looks like an octopus and acts like a koala bear. And by comparison, the new Gorilla Torch 100 is to its predecessor as King Kong is to an eastern lowland silverback: over 50% brighter, significantly more powerful, and able to cling effortlessly to tall buildings and Jessica Lange with its flexible, wrappable arms and legs. Or at least, like, pipes and beams and tree limbs. The Gorilla Torch casts a focused beam of intense, 100-lumen light at any target to provide hands-free visuals during anything from home repairs to midnight picnics.

The light's Gumby legs wrap around nearly any surface with a small enough circumference, and rubber grip rings plus Neodymium magnet feet further secure the Gorilla to its points of contact. Users can also straighten the torch's legs for use as a handheld flashlight during hikes.

The Gorilla Torch contains an ultra-bright, 100-lumen CREE LED with integrated dimmer switch. At full force it can illuminate areas up to 190 meters away.

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