Gerber Fastball Manual Flipper Folding Knife

Posted: September 06, 2019
Gerber Fastball Manual Flipper Folding Knife
$99.99 - $104.99
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No curveballs here, just trademark Gerber, head-on, with the brand's new Fastball manual flipper folding knife. Made at Gerber's Portland, OR factory, the Fastball features a S30V Wharncliffe blade Gerber says will hold its edge for years, extending from an aircraft-grade aluminum handle available in Black or Flat Sage Green.

The Fastball blade is also designed with a precision detent for "lightswitching" operation, complemented by its easy-off liner lock release and B.O.S.S. Tech, for intuitive and safe opening and closing. B.O.S.S., by the way, stands for Balls of Stainless Steel, which it appears the Fastball and I share, though in slightly different ways.

Being a B.O.S.S. in the Gerber world means you have a caged ball-bearing deployment system that reduces friction for smooth, consistent operation over the long term. And for me? Well, let's just say me and my boys are ready to take on any Newton's Cradle, anytime, anyplace.

As an EDC pocket knife the Gerber Fastball gives you ambidextrous carry options with a 3-position pocket clip, which you can also remove entirely. You can get the Fastball on Amazon (link above) or here, directly from Gerber.

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