GasPods Fuel Savers

By: on October 04, 2014
$39.95 - $134.95
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GasPods promise an average savings of $120 per car per year. So, no, applying the aerodynamic champions of fuel efficiency won't result in a bank account boon of exotic Asian vacation proportions...or even really Japanese Electric Piston Masturbator proportions...but it will give you a few extra $20s to spend on a nice dinner or pair of earrings that could still lead to a happy ending.

Equally of note, I suppose: each gallon of gas GasPods help preserve equates to 19.4 pounds of CO2 withheld from the air, plus a savings of the 97 gallons of water required to produce each gallon of fuel. Multiply that by the nearly 2 billion cars cruising the roads today, and the potential effect becomes palpable.

Arrow-shaped gasPods align along the hood, roof, or back end of a vehicle to reduce its drag coefficient. Their bulbous front ends expand the amount of air flowing over them, and then accelerate it as it continues toward the GasPods' tips. Traveling vehicles experience the most drag above their front windshields and behind their rear ends, and engines work harder to overcome this turbulence. Placing a kit of GasPods at or in front of these areas transfers some of their aerodynamic effect to the vehicles.

GasPods improve fuel performance in both old and new cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks, as well as in those powered by gas, diesel, or electricity. The kits come in sets of 9, and in choices of removable magnetic bottoms and semi-permanent adhesive bottoms. DIY installation is fairly simple, requiring Pod placement around 4" to 5" apart at designated locations. Functionally, their ideal placement is in a row running 7" to 10" forward of the back trunk line of a sedan, or the back roof line of a car with a vertical back.

Standard GasPods are matte black to match most automotive trim. For additional costs, buyers can request either in-stock colors or custom-dyed colors to match their car's paint.

GasPods are a top Dude Gift for the Garage pick.

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