Easy Wedge Car Lock-Out Kit

Posted: July 30, 2014

The Big Easy Glo is an Easy Wedge kit from Steck that assists motorists in retrieving the keys that lay mocking them from inside their locked cars as they stand outside on the pavement swearing and kicking pigeons. No $200 visits from the locksmith or 2-hour waits for AAA required. And, yeah, I guess another way to put it is that the Big Easy Glo is one of those extremely handy devices that's awesome because it's extremely handy for me, but kind of a buzzkill too because it is also extremely handy for dirty rotten scoundrels looking to break in and steal the Ray Bans off my center console. The only expensive sunglasses I've ever owned! And they made me look like Ryan Gosling! Bastards.

This Big Easy Wedge kit gets its "Glo" name from a 4' glow-in-the-dark unlocking tool. Its color and illumination enable users to see and more easily maneuver the tool at night and through tinted windows. The rod itself is made of 1/4" steel that's pliable enough to contort through door cracks and around corners, but still strong enough to give the user enough leverage to pull up on or press against a lock. A Teflon coating also prevents the rod from scratching paint or leaving marks in its stead.

Also included in the lock-out package are a knob lifter tool for cars with flat lock knobs at the top of their doors, and a non-marring inflatable air wedge to create space for Big Easy entry.

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