Cyntur JumperPack Car Jump Starter

By: on March 25, 2015
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Portable jump starters could be the next wearables in the how-many-more-of-these-are-they-going-to-come-out-with department. Luckily for Cyntur: 1) We haven't gotten to that point yet; and 2) Most of the packs juiced with power and fitted with jumper cables for revitalizing dead car batteries have mixed reviews. Cyntur's JumperPack Mini intends to improve upon the glovebox jump starter concept with a few key features that set it apart from competitors.

Power. The Lithium-Ion JumperPack has a 12,000 mAh battery that will get 4, 6, and even 8-cylinder engines going again. A fully charged device has enough power for 25 back-to-back jump starts.

Battery Life. The JumperPack Mini will last for up to one year on a single charge.

Technology. Built-in SafeJump tech prevents reverse charge, reverse polarity, over-current, and short-circuits.

LED Lights. Dead battery in the dark? Need extra light to find the ID you dropped between your seats? The Jumper Pack Mini also has a 200-lumen flashlight at one end. The light can be set to shine continuously or strobe during emergencies.

2.1 USB port. If your car battery is solid, but your tablet's dead, the JumperPack can charge it as well. The backup battery has enough life for 5 smartphone and 1.5 tablet charges.

Safety. The JumperPack exceeds UL, TUV, and USDOT safety standards.

Size. This jump starter weighs less than a pound, and is packaged in a case with jumper cables small enough to fit in a glove box, trunk, or even under the seat.

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DrivewaySpike U-Turn Deterrents

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Is this a real problem? Or rather, is it such a big deal? People using your driveway as a turnaround. Cars getting lost or going one street too far and pulling into 20' of your pavement to correct their mistake. Since...

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Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle


Technically, Dodge debuted its Tomahawk, a motorcycle with 4 wheels, a Dodge Viper engine, and top speed capabilities of 420 mph, a decade ago at the 2003 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Really though...

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Stirling Engine

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Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System

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Hey kids, here's a surefire way to make your parents construct an advent calendar counting down the days until you go back to school next fall. The Turbospoke system, a battery-free, pedal-powered child's dream, fits...

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Boeing Jet Powered Go Kart

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Wasn't a DIY jet-powered something the co-star of a Darwin Award several years ago? I guess if you want to take the lead in a sequel, Seth Kettleman from TransTurbine in Maryland has the vehicle for you. The Boeing Boss...

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GazeBox Retractable Garage

One guess as to which country the GazeBox hails from. A glorious transparent arc that accordions around your 6-figure sports car? Protects it in style, with pomp, and without hiding it from jealous eyes? Gotta be Italian....

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DIY Internal Combustion Engine

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Two-Cylinder V-Twin Gas Powered Engine

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Lubricheck Engine Oil Tester & Analyzer

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I always thought my car required an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles out of necessity, but according to Lubricheck, I shell out my precious duos of Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States and fellow Pisces...

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WiFi Car Diagnostic Scan Tool

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Maybe I'm in denial, but I would much rather have a device and accompanying app to tell me about my car's health than my own. Good thing I have almost as many choices of what kind of WiFi car diagnostics tool to buy these...

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Black Rhodium Jet Turbine Engine Cufflinks

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These Jet Turbine Engine Cufflinks, made of polished black rhodium, and ready to spin real fast when you blow on them, are the perfect last-minute gift for Dads! Well, as long as you're a son with a healthy income. Or...

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USU Parking Spot Storage Unit

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The Urban Storage Unit, or USU (pronounced "oooh-sue"), provides up to 1,000 pounds worth of additional storage for people with assigned parking spots in apartment and condominium complexes. Uh, high-end apartment and...