Cold Steel War Hammer

By: on December 08, 2014
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The Cold Steel War Hammer is for striking, piercing, crushing, and bludgeoning opponents. Hopefully opponents that are, say, drywalls scheduled for demo and sides of beef purchased from your local farmer's market, not opponents that are walking around on 2 legs singing "Jingle Bells" one too many times for your liking.

The hammer weighs just over 2-1/2 pounds to maintain maneuverability and easy wielding for both right handers and lefties. It has a head drop forged from 5150 steel and differentially heat treated so that the point of its spike and hammer face are hardened to withstand extremely high levels of impact. In other words, although the term "War Hammer" sounds like it belongs at cosplay night or in the toy box, Cold Steel's issue is a legit tool that could easily put your eye...and your kneecap...and your mama's 1:1 scale stone bust of Neil Diamond...out.

War Hammer handles are made of straight grain American Hickory and measure 30" long. The hammer face itself measures 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" and head width is 7-3/8".

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Air Hammer Compressed Air Tool

$40.46 from Amazon »

The Air Hammer from Ingersoll Rand uses compressed air to deliver a 2-5/8" stroke and 3,500 blows per minute. It comes with a 3-piece chisel set to, uh, drive the job home. Use it to cut metal, fix exhaust systems, and...

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THOR Hammer Tool Kit

Utilitarian cosplay. How many occasions do you have to use those two words together in a sentence? (And can you say them 5 times fast?) Ever since I got the ix-nay on wearing my "formal and "functional" Mongol armor suit...

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BASH Unbreakable Sledge Hammers

$36.89 - $136.29 from Amazon »

Though he'll probably stick with Mjolnir for wailing on Loki, if Thor were a construction worker I bet he would use one of Wilton's BASH Unbreakable Sledge Hammers. Touted the toughest sledge ever built, BASHes with heads...

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TheraGun Muscle Massager

Sold Out from Amazon »

The TheraGun muscle massager might be the non-human massager to end all massagers. In fact, I'd bet a crisp Abe Lincoln it could give most human proffesionals a run for their money too. Tension and pain relief, increased...

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Kootek Self-Defense Flashlight

$27.99 from Amazon »

Need a knife, a hammer, and a self defense club in a flash? Then you might want to carry Kootek's knife, hammer, and self defense club in a flash...light....

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Death Wrench Tools

$5.95 - $189.95 from Death Wrench »

My favorite slayers of the walking dead over at Zombie Hammer have expanded their market. Now in addition to using their American steel implements of doom to whack zombies, you can also use them to fix a leaky pipe and...

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Vampliers Screw Pliers

$29.97 from Amazon »

One time I knew this girl who was a regular blood donor, and apparently if you're a regular blood donor the blood bank pesters you to donate even more blood, and so whenever they would call she'd look at her caller ID...

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The Rhino Hammer

$43 - $46 from Kickstarter »

It's a hammer stampede! Grab some nails and take out your aggressions, or just add this winning take on the animal kingdom's favorite horned herbivore to your collection of desktop toys. The Rhino Hammer is a functional...

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Cole-Bar Multi-Functional Hammer

$79 from Cole-Bar »

Although I enjoy calling people tools, I don't really understand how the term came to be an insult. Aren't tools generally helpful and beneficial to the cause of man, as opposed to the burdens of dead-weight idiocy implied...

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BullseyeBore Laser Drill Guide

BullseyeBore or not, as someone who often has trouble even walking straight, there's close to a 0% chance I'm ever going to be able to cut, saw, or drill straight. But for the rest of you, the handy ones who only catch...

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The Beer Peen Hammer

Now you can use your peen to open your beer. I mean, if you couldn't already. Good Beer Hunting has smithed its Beer Peen Hammer in the likeness of an antique ball peen hammer they picked up at an estate sale. Each of...

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CarbonLite Carbon Fiber Wrenches

$139.95 from CarbonLite Tools »

Who wants the same kind of carbon fiber used to build F1 race cars and spaceships also used to build the tools used to build carbon fiber F1 race cars and spaceships? CarbonLite calls its carbon fiber wrenches "the next...