Channellock 8.88" Compact Rescue Tool

Posted: February 11, 2017
Channellock 8.88" Compact Rescue Tool

If you're familiar with Channellock's 89 Rescue Tool, the 87 here has come to prove you don't have to be tall and strapping to get the job done. At 2" shorter and 30% lighter than its counterpart, the 87 Rescue Tool equips first responders (and neighborhood superheroes) with a compact and carry-friendly 5-pack of clutch implements ready to take on an emergency.

The 87 Rescue Tool measures 8.8" long and weighs just over a pound. Its hardened cutting edges are braced to shear through soft metal and standard battery cables, and a spanner wrench on the end of one arm will tighten or loosen 5" hose couplings. The 87 can also shut off gas safety valves, and the pry tool on its other arm will jimmy open locked or stuck windows and doors.

Channellock uses high carbon C1080 steel for Rescue Tool composition, adding an electronic coating for rust prevention.

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