Buck Travel Mate Food Prep Tool

Posted: May 01, 2014
Buck Travelmate All-in-One Food Prep Tool
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I like how even though it's mostly just silverware, Buck's Travel Mate looks like the deciding factor between a spy's successful completion of his mission and colossal failure resulting in death. Or maybe, like, what Batman would use to eat breakfast. Designed with backpackers and campers in mind, the all-in-one food prep tool combines the best of worlds Fork and Knife, plus integrates a gaggle of additional utensils into a pack-friendly 9.87" in length and 3.4 oz in load.

The Travel Mate, in ascending order of things I like to do best, can cut, chop, pierce, spread, and spatulate. All the actions needed to create a complete and hearty meal. In addition to its fork and 4.87" serrated blade, the food prep tagalong has a bottle opener, can opener, flathead screwdriver, and BBQ grill/scraper edge.

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