Benchmade Tactical Triage 917 Knife

Posted: March 08, 2019
Benchmade Tactical Triage 917 Knife
$187 - $199.75
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A newer addition to Benchmade's Tactical series of blades, the Tactical Triage 917 Knife is "made to work when the going gets pro." Say wha? Like, when the going gets pro, the pros get...a Benchmade Tactical Triage 917 Knife? Hmmm. Given the quality of their products, seems like Benchmade could have come up with some better quality puns and plays on words. Must be spending too much time cutting American-made CPM-S30V steel and resin-soaked fiberglass.

The Tactical Triage 917 is EDC-ready for safety and rescue workers, with a built-in glass breaker and rescue hook, plus a reversible split arrow clip joining the corrosion-resistant, drop-point blade. An axis locking mechanism on the knife provides for safe and smooth opening / closing. Those looking for a new blade to carry in the field, or to add to their survival kit, can choose from Tactical Triage 917 knives with a plain edge and satin finish, plain edge and coated finish, or serrated edge and coated finish.

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