Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack

By: on July 30, 2013

Funny how even though Bear Grylls was alleged to be kind of a fraud several years ago--the guy who roughs it to the bare bones, in the jungle with nothing but a pocket knife, some fishing line, and his wits by day, but off with the camera crew to a 5-star resort by night--his survival tools and kits still sell like Kate Upton turned call girl for the weekend. He probably gets fed directions on how to make a poisonous blow dart gun out of a twig, a lemon, and a rat's toenails from some uggo backwoods inbred with 8 fingers and 1 tooth, but that British accent just sounds so intellectual and authoritative we all can't help but believe that Bear knows best. He, or rather, his selling power, has sure got Gerber happily suckered. They call him a "survivalist icon" and peddle a host of tools and gear under the Bear Grylls branded name. Tools and gears that, regardless of Grylls' own legitimacy, serve as essential, BS-free accompaniments during outdoor adventures and, equally key, look damn swell laid out in emergency preparedness kits.

Now, to save buyers the trouble of individual purchases, and dozens of "Add to Cart" clicks, one of which will invariably get lost or delete all contents added to that point, resulting in the buyer's severe agitation, unheard complaints yelled at the computer screen, and ultimate order of nothing at all, Gerber has combined all items it carries bearing the Bear Grylls name into a single Ultimate Pack. Stuffed deftly into the Commando 60 survival carrier are the likes of:

  • The Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit, including needle nose pilers, a wire cutter, sewing & fishing kits, drivers, and a survival blanket.
  • The entire line of Grylls' survival series weapons and tools, such as a hatch, small & large parangs, a sliding saw, about a dozen different knives, a field sharpener, a paracord bracelet, and a compact compass.

The Commando 60 pack itself has a fully adjustable shoulder harness and a 60-liter hauling capacity--plenty of room for toting all of the removed-from-society essentials, plus a map to the nearest Marriott.

Note: I'm not sure what, if any, kind of price break there is for purchasing Bear en Ultimate Pack masse. Unfortunately, I am neither smart nor motivated enough to do the math for you.

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