Atroposknife Fortel Transformer Knives

Posted: April 27, 2019
Atroposknife Fortel Transformer Knives
$165 - $999
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Atroposknife's Fortel series of transformer knives come in various metals and finishes, with different styles of blades and implements hiding inside. What they all share in common: looking like simple lightsaber hilts or Filipino fighting sticks when sealed, and then unscrewing into modular masterpieces with sweet tools and implements on both ends.

The piece above is Atroposknife's Pocket Fortel. Sealed at both ends it measures just 5.9" long, but its Russian micarta and aluminum handles can rearrange and reattach to reveal a 440C steel blade and a 10.8" knife at full length.

Atroposknife also makes Transformers in titanium and damascus, some with straight and others with serrated blades. Most of the knives also contain as one of their secondary tools a set of prongs that can serve as a fork, or, uh, maybe a prod.

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