American Felling Axe

Posted: August 12, 2012
American Felling Axe - The Lincoln

It's getting to be timber time. Cracklin' fires will soon be calling for fuel. Kindling. Logs. Disembodied zombie parts. And real men--the kind of men who fell trees and split their own firewood instead of buying it at the grocery store along with their wives' tampons--are going to need an axe. Not being a real man myself--One box of Kotex, please, ma'am--I couldn't do much with one of these Best Made beauties, but I'm sure some of you out there could take hold of an American Felling Axe and split enough logs in one afternoon to keep your ladies warm all winter long.

The rest of the time, they'd just be a fun prop to cradle while watching The Walking Dead.

Named "The Lincoln", the featured Felling Axe was produced in a limited edition of 100. Additional Best Made axes, including the orange-tipped "Courage", white with black and red stripes "Hushabye Baby", and baby blue and red-tipped "Flashman", are also part of special edition collections. Felling Axes were all designed in New York with Dayton pattern heads and sleekly curved, slender helves for maximal efficiency and safety. Fabrication takes place in North Carolina, where fourth-generation axe makers smith 5160 high carbon American steel into razor-sharp, 4-pounds blades atop 35" cuts of Appalachian hickory.

Felling Axes measure 35" x 7-1/2" x 1 1/2", and ship individually numbered with a documented guarantee of authenticity, a top-grain leather blade guard, and a hand-built crate with wood wool. Smaller Hudson Bay Axe models are also available.

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