9-in-1 Hand Crank Multi-Tool

Posted: June 16, 2015
9-in-1 Hand Crank Multi-Tool
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Put the results of all that gyroscopic training you've been doing to good use with Ivation's 9-in-1 Dynamo, a home and auto safety multi-tool that hand cranks out radio, light, siren, and device charging power, plus serves as a window hammer, seatbelt cutter, and compass.

The Dynamo is lightweight and shaped like a flashlight for easy storage in a drawer or glove box. At its tip is a 3-LED light, flanked by the seatbelt cutter and window hammer for emergency vehicle evacuation. Along the cylinder lie simple power and strobe controls, AM/FM radio controls, and the crank handle that supplies instant, human-generated power when the Dynamo's internal rechargeable battery is low or dead. A speaker for the radio and SOS siren, an SOS flashing strobe, and ports for charging mobile devices continue along the shaft, capping of with a built-in compass at the bottom of the tool. Four embedded magnets in the flashlight tip keep the Dynamo adhered to vehicle doors or rooftops while changing a flat or signaling for assistance at night.

Ivation made the Dynamo rugged and fully rainproof for use in any location or situation. Its battery pack can output charge via USB, and the multi-tool package includes cables and adapters for Micro USB, Mini USB, and Apple Lightning. To charge the battery pack itself, plug the Dynamo into a computer or wall outlet, or get to crank, crank, cranking the lever for instant gratification.

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