15-in-1 Stainless Steel Driver

Posted: August 07, 2013
15-in-1 Stainless Steel Driver
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You can...wait for it...screw pretty much anything with Megapro's 15-in-1 stainless steel driver. I'd still take caution, though, when approaching objects that do not look easy to screw, particularly if they appear to be stronger than you are, or are housing a weapon.

This most versatile screwdriver stores 7 double-ended nickel plated bits in a pullout bit cartridge that also makes for easy location and swap-outs. Bit 15 lives on the end of the tool--its shaft opening serves as a 1/4" hex driver. Other Megapro inclusions: smaller and larger Phillips, square, and torx bits; and a slot bit. Wow. Imagine all the spaceships and IKEA furniture you'll be able to put together with one of these things.

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