Bradley Jim Beam Digital Smoker

Posted: September 17, 2014
Bradley Jim Beam Digital Smoker
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I'm not sure what Jim Beam contributed to Bradley's 4-rack digital outdoor smoker besides his name and logo. Maybe he sprinkled each one with magical bourbon dust as it rolled off the assembly line. Whatever the draw, the smoker has drawn many, and earned nearly universal positive reviews from proud owners. And by "proud" I guess I could mean blackout drunk on bourbon dust.

Bradley's digital smoker is an extension of their original version, with the addition of temperature, time, and smoke controls. Digital technology allows users to pre-set smoke quantities (each Bradley Bisquette contains about 20 minutes' worth), cook time, and cook temperature for roasting, smoking, and BBQing without the stress and constant babysitting of the heat source.

Fitted with 4 interior racks, the Jim Beam digital smoker measures 11-1/2" x 15" x 25-1/2" and weighs 43 pounds.

Not into massive pieces of cooking equipment and, like, the outdoors? Imbue your food with smoke the handheld way, right from the kitchen with the Smoking Gun portable food smoker.

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