The Smoking Gun Portable Food Smoker

Posted: July 09, 2013
The Smoking Gun Portable Food Smoker
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Who wants a pork chop, a salmon fillet, a bloody mary, or a piece of chocolate cake that tastes like it's spent hours slowly absorbing the apple wood of a smoker? In seconds, and without heat, the Smoking Gun portable food smoker claims it will inject just about any edible or potable with the natural flavors of fired wood goodness.

Ingredients previously ill-suited for sweat sessions in the smoke sauna, such as butter, oysters, meringue, and sushi, seem to take on the savory profile of hickory, alderwood, or any chips of the user's choosing with a quick, cool blast from PolyScience's handheld gun. The process can be executed table-side, underneath a glass, inside a container or bag, or via aerating smoke directly into liquids inside a blender or shaker (as depicted in the bloody mary video demo above).

The Smoking Gun is composed of a one-piece removable smoking chamber, heavy-duty metal blower fan, and low-noise motor. It comes with two, 1/2-ounce sample jars of hickory and apple wood chips, though adventurous culinary explorers can also experiment with filling the smoking chamber and coating their dishes with teas, spices, or dried flowers.

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