WWII-Era Dual Military Field Latrine

Posted: September 13, 2014
WWII-Era Dual Military Field Latrine
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Dig a trench and feel grateful you and your friend Cornelius are bidding farewell to last night's Chinese takeout on a 2-passenger field latrine in your mama's backyard rather than pinching one off in a Belgian forest wondering if the Germans are about to attack. This wooden depository is a genuine replica of those the US Army used during WWII.

A mud room storage bin, a garden bench, or a conversation piece if nothing else, the olive drab military field latrine measures 41" long x 17" deep x 19-1/2" tall. It weighs 37 pounds and folds flat for storage and transport. To maximize pranking potential. Hmmm...my 11th grade history teacher gave me a D. I wonder how hard it would be to get this golden nugget of the war set up on his roof. Hey Mr. Calhoun! I do know something about the Allied forces: they took dumps in twos!

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