Weapons of Svenhaellin Fire Pit

Posted: May 26, 2015
Weapons of Svenhaellin Fire Pit
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Randy of Fire Sculpture Art has been bending metal to his whims for over 45 years. He believes, "The great sin in life is to be boring." Combine his craft with his credo and you get the Weapons of Svenhaellin Fire Pit. Made entirely of steel, the massive...lawn ornament? Viking Warlord marriage altar?...features an axe and shield lined with electronics that spout gas flames. Flame size and power are easily controlled with a switching mechanism. Unlike all the ladies that will be throwing their underwear at the pyre and themselves at your feet when you drop the curtain on Svenhaellin at your annual 4th of July BBQ. Easily worth its 32K price tag. Easily.

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