Shotgun Flower Shell

By: on December 17, 2013

Plant flowers, not bullet wounds. That's ST lab's rosy goal with Flower Shell. The Scandinavian company, which has developed several trendy, quirky, and what they hope will be considered visionary products, plans to release their 12-gauge shotgun shells filled with the shooter's choice of 12 different flowering seeds in the very near future. Fingers crossed the very near future is before Valentine's Day! Oh the points I would score shooting up my favorite barista's backyard with poppies and lavender!

Flower Shells use standard 12-gauge casings, but replace the lead they would normally hold with seeds and just enough gunpowder to blast and scatter the future bloomers all over the land. There they will germinate, grow, and thrive as bringers of beauty and life, rather than gaping wounds and death.

Yes, that's right. Flower Shells are basically the redneck version of bumblebees.

Right down to the fact that if one hits you in the back or the ass, it's still going to sting like hell. ST warns all potential users, and particularly those who are idiots, to exercise the same caution and safety protocol they would during normal shotgun use.

ST invites those interested in more information about the Flower Shell's availability and purchasing process to email them--check the product's Website for contact info. Also, as an international firm, maybe cut them a little slack for the loss in translation that probably led to their selecting columbine as one of the shells' seed choices. Ouch....

Muchas danke to Uncrate.

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