Scarface Garden Gnome

Posted: July 03, 2013
Scarface Garden Gnome
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If they were going to craft a Scarface garden gnome aiming an M16A1, you would think they could have also added some Al Pacino droopy eyes and a pouty mouth underneath that Santa Claus beard. As it stands--at only 9-1/2" tall, which I'm pretty sure is an accurate representation of Pacino's height--we have to make due with a Tony Montana sporting inverted brows, rabid saucer eyes, and a mouth so ominous I would not put my finger...or other appendages...anywhere near it even on a dare because it really causes me to question the inanimate nature of this "lawn ornament."

The gangster cum garden gnome includes an etching of Montana's iconic "Say hello to my little friend" quote on its base.

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