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By: on January 05, 2013
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Good things come to those who...have high-paying jobs or trust funds. For when they are overwrought and need an immediate means of relaxation, or bloated and seeping whiskey from their pores and need a surefire way to shed numerous gallons of sweat, the Sauna Box is there. The traditional wood-burning sauna piques our interest largely due to its construction from a reclaimed shipping container. Perfect for backyard installation and mini escapes from reality to the Land of Perspiration, the Sauna Box is completely self-sufficient--it runs on solar power and a built-in wood-fired stove. To further justify the $41,000 price tag, it also comes fitted with an iPod stereo, electric guitar hookup, Castor stool, magnetic truck light, and bronze antlers.

Say what?

An electric guitar hookup in a sauna? Who told manufacturer Castor that pressing an electric guitar against one's own naked, sweaty body and rocking out in 120-degree heat is a good idea? Obviously someone too ridiculous to be alive. This has Lenny Kravitz written all over it.

Also, um, bronze antlers? That's so re...fine. That's kind of cool. Are those sold separately from the Sauna Box as well? I could probably pony up $20 to $30 for them, depending on how many chores I've completed come allowance time on Sunday.

In addition to its shipping container exterior, Sauna Box materials include western red cedar steel, insulation, and functional hardware. Dimensions are 96" long x 96" wide by 96" high.

Suggested via Dude Product Tips by Josh S. Muchas danke to Gizmodo.

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