Playbulb Garden Solar LED Lights

Posted: July 02, 2015
Playbulb Solar LED Garden Lights
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Converting your backyard into a nightclub has never been easier or more eco-friendly. MIPOW's Playbulb Garden, a new addition to the company's Playbulb series, is an app-controlled, solar-powered LED led that spikes into the ground to illuminate your walk, lawn, or flower beds in all the colors of the RGB rainbow. With pulsating or flashing effects if you choose, so good news for anyone seeking revenge on the chipmunks who keep eating their tulips: Instant. Rodent. Seizures.

So how exactly does contrary Mary's Garden glow? A solar panel on the top of the disc-shaped light absorbs rays all day for use at night, and a built-in sensor detects darkness levels for automatic activation and shutoff. To change light colors and effects, Playbulb users download a free Playbulb X app and tap their way through the options. Sync up a series of of lights, or set them all to different hues and patterns to regale the neighbors with a yearlong visual cacophony that puts Christmas decor to shame. The Garden supports 5 different lighting effects: Pulsing; Flashing: Rainbow; Candle Light; and Rainbow Fading.

This Playbulb Garden listing includes a set of 3 lights.

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