Outdoor Drinkin' Tables

Posted: March 26, 2015
Outdoor Drinkin' Tables
$1,450 - $1,850
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No need to walk to the cooler. No need to drink warm beer. Thank you, The Phillips Collection. Your Beverage Tables and their built-in ice pits will keep my brews cold and within arm's reach all summer long. The surgeons and athletes amongst use can probably even figure out how to finesse our open bottles of Bud Light Lime (aka sweet nectar of the Gods of Day Drinking) back into the cubes after each sip so the last one glides down as gloriously refreshing as the first.

And the bonuses don't stop there: the Beverage Table with the acid-washed slate finish could be looked upon as an artistic interpretation of the Death Star. Especially after the 8th Bud Light Lime.

Phillips Collection drinkin' tables are handmade from lightweight concrete resin and measure 43" in diameter and 17" tall.

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