Outdoor Cooler Table

Posted: May 21, 2014
Outdoor Cooler Table
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I love adjustable-height rattan tables that extend to reveal a 12-1/2 gallon cooler full of icy microbrews and Fireball. They look classy and consolidate some of the gear I'll need for the Summer 2014 Backyard Lie-Around-and-Do-Nothing-Off I'm challenging my friends Cornelius, Constantine, and Victor to. One cooler cocktail table, one inflatable pool, and one Sky Swing chair. Now I have the foundation laid for what will surely be a complete rout of my competition.

If anyone has extras, some supplemental LAADN-Off supplies I could use, and which would also accentuate this table's exquisite flat surface, include: sunglasses, sunscreen, and a naked girl. Preferably a hot naked girl, but...I'm open to negotiation.

Ketter's rattan cool bar promises to keep drinks cold for hours on the bottom, and upright for as long as the drunk people consuming them manage not to knock them over on top. The table's surface pulls upward and locks in place for cooler access. The cooler portion has a built-in drain plug for easy cleanup.

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