Inflatable Water Park

Posted: May 26, 2013
Check It Out

If its photographic depictions are accurate, the Rainforest Rapids amusement park is an inflatable backyard installation suitable for both wet and dry bouncy-bouncy fun, as well as both small children who want to splash in the sun and full-grown men who want to behave like assholes. Ooh, it says it takes only 2 minutes to inflate too. I'm so getting one.


Oh, why of course, neighborhood children. You certainly can come over and play in my blow-up waterpark. I'm just going to need you to mow my grass, sand down my front door frame, pressure wash my roof, and pay me $20 on the way in.

Blast Zone's Rainforest Rapids unit begins at about the size of a rolled-up sleeping bag, but quickly inflates to a 16' x 15' x 8' house o' water and adventure balls with 3 slides and a central bouncer.

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