HumidiBreeze Portable Misting System

Posted: June 26, 2015
HumidiBreeze Portable Misting System
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Second only to a harem of Brazilian supermodels fanning me with giant leaves and rubbing ice cubes all over my chest: the HumidiBreeze Portable Misting System. This tabletop-sized outdoor fan blows a light, cooling spray through its centrifugal disk design to lessen the blow of scorching summer days. The mister's output can also reduce static electricity, and steer away surrounding pollen, odors, dust, and other pollutants. Variable mist settings and a 4-liter water tank spout up to 25 gallons per day.

As the HumidiBreeze doubles as a humidifier, it will obviously increase the humidity in the air along with cooling if used in places already laden with moisture. Used in dry climates, the distribution of water will improve the system's cooling effects, plus make your feel less like you'll shrivel to kindling and burst into flames if an errant ray of sun hits you just right.

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