Giant Steampunk Dragon

Posted: June 24, 2012
Giant Steampunk Dragon
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According to artist Kreatworks' Etsy listing, 7,900+ people have seen the thunderous magnificence of their Giant Steampunk Dragon. But if you're one of the billions left on earth who still haven't, check it. Standing 10.8' tall, weighing it at 882 pounds, and flexing a 10.1' wingspan, the teeth-baring, claw-curling, tail-whipping dragon is handmade entirely of recycled metal car and machine parts.

For example, I spy some cogs, a couple bike chains, some, uh...radiator parts? A handful of those things that wrap around those other things and, uh, oh hey, the protrusions extending from the backs of his heels look to be kickstands from...or maybe they're soldered wrenches. Yeah...I don't really know that much about metal parts. I got a C- in shop. For making a tin cookie cutter that looked nothing like a duck. (It was supposed to be a duck). But honestly, when metal is so intricately manipulated and shaped, woven together in a way that makes me wonder if its draconic form could actually develop a cardiovascular system and incinerate me with its breath, what it was in a past life doesn't really seem to carry much weight as a talking point anyway. I hope.

The Kreatworks studio is located in Bangkok, Thailand--the same city Alien Motorcycle creator Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn calls home. Given the quantity and caliber of recycled car part masterpieces emerging from this city, it seems as if all the world's scrap metal and junkyard enthusiasts also call Bangkok home.

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