Giant Naked Baby Kite

By: on July 21, 2013
Giant Naked Baby Kite
$2,830 - $5,990
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Aw dude. It's like the perplexing baby head masks meet the life-size blue whale kite meets the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man descending ominously upon the Ghostbusters gang, shit-eating grin plastered across its face. The Cherub or, more frankly, Giant Naked Baby kite, was designed by Italian master of nonhuman flight Claudio Capelli, and sells out of New Zealand from Peter Lynn Kites.

Though I've never been there, my impression of New Zealand is that it's a fairly laid-back, decidedly not-prude country with an excellent sense of humor. That one of the photos in Peter Lynn's Giant Naked Baby Kite portfolio is of what appears to be a 6-year-old girl death-gripping and yanking down on the supersized little guy's dong serves only to strengthen this impression.

Supposedly the kite flies easily--pilotless and at an angle--despite its soft material composition and the aerodynamic challenges arising from its bulbous infant head and willy flapping in the wind. Precise Cherub dimensions are not listed, but the kite is available in sizes Giant and Gianter.