Flex Cobra Personal Mister

Posted: June 04, 2014
Cobra Mist Stand
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While I don't like the allusion to a snake in this product's title, the Flex Cobra personal mister is an otherwise grand addition to the high heat of summer. They had to pick a poisonous one with ear flaps too, didn't they? And connected to a garden hose, standing upright on its own, flexible enough to coil around my chair...or neck.... It's a visual I'm able to tolerate only on account of the cool, refreshing, non-venomous spray coming from its mouth and the bare-skin-happy lady serving as that spray's target.

Orbit's Flex Cobra affixes to most standard garden hoses and outputs cold water through 3 brass and stainless steel misting nozzles. It is stable spraying freestanding, but can also wrap around a post, leg, or overhead beam to position the mist where needed. In addition to those lounging on the patio or by the pool, the portable hot weather combatant can help cool grill masters, gardeners, and people working outside in high temperatures or direct sunlight. Now misting, like fornication, can occur in virtually any position or situation.

Flex Cobras come with 2 interchangeable misting heads.

The Flex Cobra personal mister is a top Dude Gift for the Garden pick.

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