Faux Ivy Privacy Screen

Posted: May 15, 2017
Faux Ivy Privacy Screen
$42.99 - $49.99
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Draw the curtain of privacy over your fenced-in yard with an expandable screen of faux ivy. I'm not sure I believe it creates a "naturally looking" hedge on fences and walls, but the stuff doesn't look hideous in the photos--nicer than chain link, anyway--and does seem to get the job of infilling gaps between slats and grates done. Plus satisfies the larger goal of giving nosy neighbors an eyeful of ivy when they try to spy on summer BBQs they weren't invited to, or pass judgement on the types of outdoor "recreational activities" you partake in on your own damn property.

This prIVYcy screen is made with real woods and UV-stabilized polyethylene leaves that are sunlight- and water-resistant. Each piece is super expandable, measuring 48' tall x 18" long out of the box, and 18' tall x 116' long fully stretched. You can choose between screens with leaves on one or both sides.

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