Edyn Smart Garden System

Posted: June 10, 2014
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Kid down the street who used to water my mama's flowers when she went out of town, you're fired. Don't worry, it's not that we're not downsizing or shipping your job overseas. We're just replacing you with a robot. Edyn, a garden system guaranteed to be smarter than the neighborhood honor student, is seeking Kickstarter funding for production of its Sensor-App-Water Valve combo designed to analyze, monitor, water, and track the bounty of your back yard.

Edyn detects and reports on soil and climate goings-on to help both novice and experienced growers make good decisions about their gardens. Inserted in the surrounding ground, the Edyn Garden Sensor collects and interprets pertinent data, and then sends it to the Edyn App for the production of real-time snapshot displays, push alerts, and suggestions for maximizing plant health. Connected to existing watering systems the Edyn Water Valve provides the additional service of activating plant waterings only when needed.

Huh. I bet Edyn will be a handy little gadget for Garden of the Month club members. But who cares about that? I wonder what a smart garden system could do for grape and cannabis growers. Is Edyn going to improve the quality and availability of my favorite booze and recreational drugs? Oh boy I hope so.

To test the garden soils, Edyn emits an electrical signal (said to be harmless) and measures how it is altered or attenuated by water and soil additives (i.e., organic fertilizer, lime or compost). Data on light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition, and moisture are all collected. The system then cross-references this information with its database and the other members of the Edyn community. Edyn instruments have been calibrated to be sensitive enough to detect even the smallest changes in the soilís electrical properties that are associated with shifts in moisture, acidity and fertility.

Based on test results, Edyn can do things such as recommend the best plants to grow, determine the optimal time to plant them, suggest organic fertilizer types, and ping you when changes occur and action is needed. Then, at the right time and in the right quantity, the Edyn Water Valve will automatically activate an existing irrigation system based on the data it has collected. The hope is that this feature will save water, lower utility bills, and obviously take out the guesswork of when and how much.

Pledge for Edyn to take over your garden on Kickstarter through July 8, 2014.

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