Double Hammock Sunbed

Posted: April 10, 2015
Double Hammock Sunbed
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Now this is the kind of double-wide I can get on top of. Preferably with my new girlfriend, She-Ra: Princess of Power, all summer long. The canopied sunbed comfortably accommodates two happy loungers, both side-by-side, and with bodies intertwined. Its hammock measures 6'5" x 5'5" and swings gently to and fro on a steel tube frame as we sip margaritas and listen to the Beach Boys featuring John Stamos on drums sing "Kokomo."

The sunbed comes with a polyester canopy to shield those partaking in hammock activities from the sun and also neighbors who should mind their own business, or maybe put a little more effort into finding their own double hammock companion than they are into ogling yours. Hammocks are made of textaline netty fabric and include 2 head rests.

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