Decorpro Ion Fire Pit

Posted: May 10, 2016
Decorpro Ion Fire Pit
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I can't decide what to use Decorpro's Ion fire pit for first: 1) Making an offering to the gods of beer gut removal in time for shirtless season; 2) burning my 38 belts, XL T-shirts, and other bad beer gut juju; or 3) Cooking a juicy pig on the spit.

Inspired by Roman architecture and lighting shit on fire, the Ion is a 100% steel pit with ascending columns encircling its flames, and corresponding feet underneath to provide a sturdy platform for use, and a foot plus of base plate separation from the ground. It is coated in an automotive-grade epoxy powder finish, but will develop a natural patina after repeated exposure to high temperatures.

Ion columns all have cutout slits for resting skewers and roasting sticks, or mounting rotisserie spits. Dimensions are 46.8" x 46.8" x 39".

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