Black Flag Outdoor Electric Insect Fogger

Posted: March 25, 2015
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Know what's worse than chemicals and insecticides? Bugs. And places--backyards, campsites, the 6" radius around my head--swarming with them. And even though the Black Flag Fogger requires dousing a large area with insecticide, at least that large area is the open outdoor air rather than over every square inch of my skin. And at least in so doing I'll have hours of BBQ-ing, wiener roasting, and chilling on the patio lounger without being consumed alive or tormented to the brink of dementia by whatever army of mosquitos, flies, gnats, and no-see-ums has decided to hunt my blood tonight.

The Black Flag Fogger is an electric device loadable with up to 40 ounces of Blag Flag Fogging Insecticide. When plugged in it dispenses a 10' cone of odorless fog cooked up to clear mosquitos and biting flies from the vicinity tout de suite*. The process takes minutes, and keeps the fogged area bug-free for several hours.

*One of my Internet date ladies taught me that expression the other night. It means "right away." She's fluent in French. My mama has a garden club meeting tomorrow night, so I think I'm going to invite her over to teach me some more French things.

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