Bird Photo Booth

Posted: August 07, 2013

I think the Bird Photo Booth is sort of like this camera rig with a peephole I made inside the top drawer of my dresser, but instead of taking pictures of the girls I lure inside by saying a litter of baby bunny rabbits awaits them behind that door over there, it takes pictures of, like...birds. And, no, in this case "birds" is not a retro colloquialism for "girls", it's a literal colloquialism for, like...birds.

But people seem to like birds. My parents sure do. They particularly like hummingbirds, which they call "hummers" because they do not know what the contemporary colloquialism of that word means.

The Bird Photo Booth, a feeder with housing and built-in protective foam padding for all iPhones, GoPro cameras, 4th and 5th generation iPod touches, and soon Android smartphones, simplifies the high-quality wildlife photography tasks typically reserved for DSLR cameras and other expensive professional equipment. It removes the need to figure out settings (e.g., shutter speed, iso, f-stop) and crouch silently in the backyard or backwoods for hours on end, instead focusing on the instant, one-touch, and remote method for capturing vivid, clear, priceless finch/jay/sparrow/Toucan Sam moments.

Bird Photo Booths set up on tripods, or can be hung or mounted on trees and other outdoor stanchions. Once the phone/camera has been placed inside the housing, and one of several app choices activated, photographers need only peace out far enough away that the birdies won't be scared, and load up another WiFi- or Bluetooth-enabled device to use as a monitor and shutter button.

As evidenced by the samples above and on the Bird Photo Booth Website, photo quality and detail, particularly for the system's price, are top notch. The booth itself also passes with high marks in the quality assurance department, as each piece is hand crafted from sustainably harvested white oak hardwood, and includes a professional macro lens, a circular polarizing lens, a lens cap protector, a stainless steel bowl and perch lures, and iPhone/iPod and GoPro protective foam inserts.

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