Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Posted: April 30, 2014
Battery Powered Lawn Mower
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While I generally approve of anything that makes manual labor less laborious for me, I am not too stoked to hear about GreenWorks' battery operated lawn mower's 70-minute runtime. 70 minutes?! Great. That means my mama's going to make me mow the front and the back yard. She'll probably even demand that I do a good job. And she definitely won't fall for my sob story about how the gas fumes from the mower are mixing with the buzzing cut grass particulates and making me lightheaded and most likely giving me lung cancer.

The Twin Force 20" lawn mower is powered by GreenWorks' G-MAX 40-volt lithium-ion system. It features a dual 10" blade design to cover a 20" cutting deck, plus dual motors that operate the blades individually. Capping the theme of 2s are its pair of high-capacity 4 Ah and low capacity 2 Ah batteries, aka the crappy bits of engineering that are going to increase the mower's time of operation to 1.5 episodes of The Walking Dead.

In addition to running longer, the lawn mower's battery technology ensures that its power will not fade or falter as the batteries drain, but continue to slice and shred at full capacity down to their last bar. Yearly maintenance, pull cords, gas spills on the lawn can also become nuisances of the past. GreenWorks lawn mowers adjust to cut heights of between 1-3/8" and 3-3/8" and use a Smart Cut sensor/power-add feature to enable shredding through thick and wet grass without issue. At 42-1/2 pounds they weigh about half what typical gas powered mowers do, plus operate with around 20% less noise. Battery charge time runs 60 minutes for the 2 Ah and 120 minutes for the 4 Ah.

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